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We at STAR BENTONITE EXPORTS , with a proven track record of being the best and providing you with the best have come a very long way since our inception in 1980. STAR BENTONITE EXPORTS a divison of the STAR GROUP, and a relative to the Koteshwar Group of Companies originally belongs to the Thakkar family. The foundation stone being laid by Late Shri. Arjunbhai Thakkar in the year 1980 was carried on further and expanded world wide by his son Mr. Bipin Thakkar, who heads the Star Group Of Companies.

Star Claytech Pvt. Ltd., is a part of Star group of Companies founded in 2009 by Mr Bipin Thakkar solely with the aim of adding value to the natural resource - Bentonite. STARBRITE High Performance Acid-activated bleaching earths are manufactured from selected high-quality Montmorillonite clays. The absorptive properties of these clays are enhanced by treatment with mineral acid, to increase the surface area and pore volume, prior to washing, drying and milling to the desired particle size distribution.
For more info, please refer to www.starbrite.com

Star Drilling Fluids' a part of Star group of companies founded in 2014 by Mr. Nikunj Thakkar was the next step towards adding value to the Star group of Companies. The company was formed solely with the aim of delivering slurry solutions to the civil engineering application of the Bentonite by offering customers a vast range of products including high yield Bentonite and other additives.
For more info, please refer to www.stardrillingfluids.com

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